We Welcome You To Troop 650!

Welcome to Troop 650. We have many exciting things to offer your boys to get them excited for the Scouting program, such as monthly campouts, fundraisers (such as the BBQ and campcard fundraisers to help them pay their dues or to help them go to Summer Camp), community service projects, and so much more. Boys will have a very fun experience in this troop, and they'll learn some very important things too. For more details, come check us out at Pinewood Presbyterian Church on Mondays (except school holidays) at 7:00pm. 

Please be aware that access to this site is limited to Troop 650 members only. To get access, you must be fully registered with the Troop. ~Thanks

Health Record Part A & B

Posted by Terri Dollinger on Sep 15 2016 - 11:52pm

Health Records Coordinator is now Betsy Sookram. In order to participate in any outdoor activity other than summer Camp, health forms A & B must be current and on file with the Health Records Coordinator. Forms A & B are completed by the participant/ doctor's signature required and takes about 5 minutes to complete, less than that to review and update.

Not sure if the troop has your health record or if it has expired. You can always check the dates by going to "My Profile," clicking the link for TroopMaster Web or use TM Mobile app on your phone. Blank forms are available on-line

October's Wilderness Survival MB Weekend Campout

Posted by Terri Dollinger on Sep 15 2016 - 7:27pm

Do you plan to attend October's campout?  It is to work on the Wilderness Survival merit badge, at the scouts request.  The troop currently does not have a merit badge counselor; however, we may be able to get Mark Swartz, an Eagle Scout and prior member of our troop away from college for a weekend to teach a large portion of this merit badge.  At this time, we only have one scout registered to attend.  Is this a lack of interest in this event?  Please register for this event now if you are interested in attending so arrangements can be made to teach this merit badge.  Mark will be able to teach the practical requirements, such as learning how to build a lean-to; however, any adult who is willing to take on any training or demonstrations that can be done at the meetings prior to this campout will be much appreciated.  If you are such an adult, please let Terri Dollinger know.  

Aaron Swartz Eagle Scout Project Completion

Posted by robmurphy on Jul 11 2016 - 7:11pm

Please come out and help Aaron complete his Eagle Scout Project at Pinewood on Thursday, July 28 from 2pm to 4pm.  Aaron is building storage shelves in the gym building.  Please sign up to the right.

New Rank Requirements Inserts

Posted by Terri Dollinger on May 25 2016 - 1:11am

New rank requirements went into effect January 1st of this year. 

Scouts who joined the BSA prior to Jan. 1, 2016:

•  Who are working on the Tenderfoot through First Class ranks MAY continue to follow the old requirements, but MUST convert to the current requirements upon attaining First Class.

Scout Elections and Leadership Position Review

Posted by Terri Dollinger on May 25 2016 - 12:08am

Troop elections are planned for June 6th. If you can't be there, please let Scoutmaster Murphy know your vote for SPL.

Leadership books need to be turned in to Mrs. Dollinger so they can be prepared for the new scout leader. As a reminder, scouts holding leadership positions should have their monthly check off sheet reviewed towards credit of the time requirements for their rank advancement. Remember, the time does not have to be consecutive. There can be gaps and it doesn't have to be the same leadership position. You may want to keep your check off sheet even after the requirement is signed off in your book. It is the Board of Reviews responsibility to ensure the rank requirements have been completed. Your request for advancement can be denied due to your lack of response, or unpreparedness to questions asked about how you satisfied the leadership requirement over the required time frame. Your check off sheet will help remind you.

TroopMaster Web

Posted by Terri Dollinger on Apr 8 2016 - 6:24pm

Scout parents are often interested in what advancement, training or other records the troop has in their database.  Sometimes you just want to compare the scout handbook with the troops records.  Or you are out camping with your son, who forgot his handbook (again) and you wonder what requirements he could be working on during the campout.  Well you have two ways to check this information online.  First is to go to TroopMaster Web site. The link is located on the top right corner of this webpage.  OR you can download the TM Mobile app for your smartphone. It's free.  In both cases, you will be asked to enter your user ID and password.

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